Super Step insoles are made of high- quality material and feature a unique shape to deliver day to day comfort and improve performance.

Super Step have a soft cushioning pad that makes them great for a wide range of activities from casual wear to running. The insoles are great all - purpose insoles that improve comfort, moisture management and odor control of footwear.

Super Step are a great choice for everyday activities

Super Step features

Keeps feet dry

The insoles have a special added layer that controls the moisture and helps keep feet cooler and drier. This is especially important when it comes to daily insoles as the feet can’t breathe if they are trapped in a shoe for longer periods of time.

Gel pads

The insoles have added gel pads which provide extra comfort to the high impact areas of foot. The gel pads are extremely soft and feel super comfortable. They help align the feet and reduce the feeling of tiredness at the end of the day.

One more layer

Super Step insoles have one more added layer that protects the feet from bacteria. This layer not only protects feet, it helps reduce unpleasant odor, which is another effect of wearing shoes for longer periods of time.

Reduce ache

The insoles are designed to bring comfort and reduce ache in the feet. They feature an innovative technology, which along with the gel base controls the movement of the feet and offers great support.

Super Step insoles provide a convenient and extremely soothing solution for those who spend most of their time on the move. They offer stability and improve performance activity. They fit different shoe types.

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Product description:

Made of quality material

Reduce foot odor

Keep feet dry

Helps align the feet

Great for daily use

Breathable material

Price: 19.99 $

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